Dear 8th Grade Parents and Class of 2018!

Eighth grade is an important transition year where your child will work hard to finalize his/her preparation for high school and also serve as a school leader.

As motivated teachers, we expect a lot from our students and ourselves. We are looking forward to working in partnership with our parent group to help our students develop leadership skills, personal responsibility and faith.

To accomplish these goals, students will be expected to play an active role in the learning process. As responsible learners and examples for the rest of the student body, 8th grade students will be expected to follow all classroom/school rules, be prepared, be punctual and be respectful individuals. This is a year of "guided independence." Students are encouraged to become more independent learners and thinkers, yet they must also develop the personal discipline to follow the direction given them.

At Back to School night, parents are given a basic outline of classroom procedures as well as the curriculum we will cover throughout the year. (You can also access our curriculum outline by clicking on the news section of this site. Just click on the red link.) We follow the state of California framework as well as the guidelines set by the Oakland Diocese. In many subject areas, we go beyond what is outlined by the state framework. Know, though, that some procedures may be altered slightly to accommodate the different learning styles of the students.

Parents, if your child has questions throughout the school year regarding class assignments or grades, please encourage him/her to come to us first and ask for help. If you need to follow up, you may leave a phone message at school that we will promptly return, or you may email us.

Eighth grade is a fun, productive year at St. Mary School!
Mr. Alioto & Ms. Bryant, Classroom Teachers
Mrs. Cardoza, Mrs. Fregulia, and Mrs. Mooney, Instructional Assistants

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