May                         10th    Graduation Dance hosted by St. Agnes (Semi-Formal)
                                           7:30-9:30  $7.00 with a donation of nonperishable food item.
                                           * Permission Slips Due Friday, May 3rd
                                           * Dress code will be strictly enforced- if you have questions about attire
                                              please ask me.


                                23rd    St. Mary Graduation Dance



                                28th    8th Grade Retreat @ Lafayette Retreat Center


                                29th    Farewell St. Mary Car Parade begins at 10:00 am

                                           8th Grade Picnic @ Larkey Park in Walnut Creek


                                30th    10:00 am Faith Family Baccalaureate Mass 

                                           11:30 am Baccalaureate Brunch


                                31st     5:00 pm Graduation